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        Good reputation of thermal insulation coatings - supply high quality self sacrif

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        The self sacrificial coatings with good reputation are supplied to Guangdong with high quality. The self sacrificial coatings supplied by repim intelligent coatings RPM have a variety of specifications, with complete specifications. The product is mainly liquid and its function is heat insulation. It has the characteristics of excellent performance, long service life and wide application range. The self sacrificing coatings of repim intelligent Coatings Co., Ltd. constantly bring forth new products and production processes to meet the needs of the market and show great vitality, which are highly praised by architectural decoration companies.
        Good reputation of thermal insulation coatings, product profile;
        Self sacrificial coating, also known as self dissolving coating, is a kind of self dissolving coating refined by taking water-soluble anti-corrosion resin as the main film-forming material, adding appropriate amount of TVO, imported self dissolving raw materials and anti rust auxiliary materials. Self sacrificial coating is a kind of coating based on polymer resin and water as solvent. It has green, safe, film-forming protection, anti-corrosion function, good alkali resistance, acid resistance and other characteristics, Self sacrificing coating will cross link automatically after contacting with water and dissolve the coating initiatively. Ordinary coating can't do it at all, and the construction is relatively easy and simple, and the operation is convenient
        1、 Product characteristics;
        Self sacrificial coating can be applied according to the requirements of the surface of the object to be coated. It has excellent anti-corrosion performance, good alkali resistance, acid resistance and other characteristics. It can effectively protect the object under construction, prevent the surface from corrosion, and automatically dissolve by diluting with water when it is not needed
        2、 Construction precautions:
        1. The construction temperature of the product is not less than 10 ℃, and the temperature is not more than 85%.
        2. The moisture content of the surface is below 10%, and the pH value is below 10.
        3. When the rusted surface is painted, the loose layer must be removed, and the surface of the object must be removed as new, without any dead corner, after leveling and drying.
        4. Before the construction, the coating must be evenly stirred to ensure the consistent color of the coating.
        5. Construction degree and second interval time, generally need surface dry (not sticky hand).
        6. Construction objects should be indoors, not in the rain, not in the open air, waterproof and rainproof.
        7. Cleaning method: 1 rinse with water, 2 soak in water for 4 hours and then dissolve automatically.
        3、 Reference dosage: 3-3.5 m2 / kg, can be sprayed, roll coated
        4、 Packaging and storage:
        1. Package: 20kg
        2. Storage temperature: 0-35 ℃, not open storage.
        3. Storage period: 6 months
        Ruipeimu intelligent coatings RPM adheres to the principle of bearing reputation and public praise. It is a self sacrificing coatings supplier in Foshan City. Its products are mainly of complete specifications and liquid shape, with stable and reliable quality. Relying on the company's understanding of water-based coatings products and its market for many years, we have established a good cooperative relationship with the major logistics in the country. The self sacrificial coatings are mainly supplied by land transportation; the logistics mode of water transportation is distribution, through wholesale; retail; so that low-cost and high-quality products can be sold and delivered to customers.
        Foshan repim intelligent Coatings Co., Ltd., founded on December 16, 2009, is a professional company focusing on the production and sales of self sacrificial coatings, with a complete and scientific quality management system. The innovation of repim Intelligent Coating RPM products provides excellent product choices for the majority of architectural decoration companies. With the professional team and excellent technical equipment, repim Intelligent Coating RPM has achieved its position in the coating industry.
        Good reputation of thermal insulation coatings, supply high quality self sacrifice coatings in Guangdong, Foshan repim intelligent Coatings Co., Ltd. has an advantage in the raw material market. It has a stable self sacrificial coating supply channel, stores sufficient supply sources, reduces intermediate supply links, reduces production costs, flexibly responds to changes in the coating and paint market, takes an advantage in the self sacrificial coating price mechanism, creates a good product price advantage, and wins the construction at the terminal Decoration company's praise, to achieve real "meticulous", so that more consumers can enjoy affordable self sacrifice paint. Our company take the product quality as the principle, keep improving, let every customer satisfaction, repim Intelligent Coating RPM welcome you at any time.
        Welcome to contact us by telephone for more information about hot heat insulation coatings, reputable heat insulation coatings, heat insulation coatings with improved hardness and luminosity, and sales of heat insulation coatings

        Contact person: manager Yang
        Tel: 18603087218
        Contact Q: 2224548686
        Email address: 2224548686@qq.com
        Address: No.2 Shengjiang Road, Magang Industrial Zone, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
        Foshan repim Intelligent Coating Co., Ltd. specializes in intelligent oxygen bar, intelligent self-cleaning coating, transparent glass heat insulation coating, intelligent heat insulation coating, intelligent heat insulation waterproof coating, intelligent clear glass heat insulation coating, intelligent trace repair waterproof coating, intelligent energy storage luminous coating and other businesses. Interested customers please consult us, Tel: 18603087218 (the same number of wechat)

        Professional manufacturer of water paints & UV paints( heat insulation,waterproof,anti corrosion,mute,thermosensitive,luminescent ) for over 15 years in China.Application:Building coatings,Industrial Equipment Coatings,Construction and Decoration coatings.

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